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German language testimonial by German tourists Eva and Sebastian

We’d like to thank Eva and Sebastian for their German language testimonial.

They came a long way to see us and were kind enough to record this video telling of their experiences motorcycling in Tasmania.

BMW TS Safari comes to Tasmania

Rent a BMW for the BMW TS Safari March 2010.

BMW R1200GS tour Tasmania Australia hire Rental

Cradoc in southern Tasmania

The BMW TS Safari is a 6 day adventure tour across Tasmania exclusively for BMW riders, it kicks off in Devonport on the 1st of March 2010.

BMW enthusiasts will come to Tasmania for the 6 days of riding, adventure and celebration. Find out more at this site

For many, this may mean a long ride from their home town to Melbourne in order to catch the ferry to Tasmania.
Avoid the hassle of crating and shipping, or very long rides and high ferry costs!

MotoAdventure can offer an easier and very cost effective option:
Hire your BMW motorcycle for the TS Safari.  Several participants have already decided that this is the way to go!

Just call or send an enquiry through the website to book your bike, pick it up in Hobart in time for the Safari,
Take advantage of the cheap air fares offered by airlines to Hobart and start riding Tasmania sooner!

We still have a few BMW’s available for the dates of the BMW TS Safari

* BMW R1200GS ’09
* BMW R1200R ’09
* BMW F650GS ’09

Give us a call and book your pick of our BMW’s in time to join the Safari!