About Us

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Helen and Ian on a rented Goldwing in the USA in 2012.

Moto Adventure Tasmania was created in 2007 by Ian Sylvester and Helen Richardson after Ian miraculously survived a terrific and terrifying journey by motorcycle in Mexico and the USA (Here’s a link to the blog Ian made at the time).

During that journey, Ian met many riders who were traveling the world by motorcycle and was inspired to create a company to share our home of Tasmania with adventurous souls.

Ian loves motorcycling and has ridden thousands of kilometres since his first Honda CB72 in 1968. Helen is comparatively new to motorcycling, is a great pillion and is the voice of reason for some of Ian’s crazy ideas.

She is also the inventor of the term “Tasmania….the road less ridden”, which perfectly sums up the experience we are offering.

Seeking a peaceful and beautiful place to live, Ian moved to from Sydney to Tasmania in 1980. Helen is a natural born 5th generation Tassie girl. With our family raising days now in the past, We are able to indulge in our passion for sharing Tasmania with adventurous visitors.

Ian is an accredited Advanced driver, certified Motorcycle learner instructor trained by Tasmania Police, an accredited hire vehicle operator, and holds a public vehicle license.

In the dim past Ian competed in motorcycle and car racing in Tasmania including, more recently, competing in Targa Tasmania tarmac classic car rally on 6 occasions.

The time competing in Targa gave Ian a great opportunity to experience the best roads Tasmania has to offer, and it is this knowledge he is happy to pass on to our clients.