Brand new motorcycles for 2010/11

Moto Adventure Tasmania is commited to maintaining the highest possible standards, especially the quality of our rental motorcycles.

For summer 2010/11 we have ordered several new and exciting models. We now have the most up to date fleet of motorcycles you will find anywhere in Australia.



We have ordered two of the new DOHC R1200GS’s, a red one and a black one.These will be delivered in September 2010. The bikes on order will be ‘fully loaded’ with BMW panniers, ABS, Traction control, Tyre pressure indicator and on board computer.

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We are really looking forward to these new bikes. They have a little more power, but mostly the new motor has even stronger low down pulling power than the single cam model. We will now have 4 BMW R1200GS’s for 10/11.

Suzuki V Strom 650

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This bike has recieved many positive reviews over the last several years. The V-Strom is a favourite amongst long distance travellers all over the world. It is a good sized, all-purpose bike with a comfortable seat, plenty of leg room and a generous adjustable screen. The Suzuki Vee twin motor has been around since Adam was a boy, and is one of the most robust and reliable motors available. This will be a fantastic bike for one or two people to discover Tasmania.


One of the most popular motorcycles in our fleet.

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 We have ordered a brand new one. We will now have two matching versions of the smallest BMW’s. Having two bikes available make it perfect for couples or a couple of mates, who wish to explore Tasmania together, but apart!!


Honda CB400

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We love this little bike. Well it is not SO little. It is the perfect size bike for those of slightly more compact dimensions. 

Our Honda is Red, tricolour. The paint is magnificent.  The 400cc 4 cylinder motor, has plenty of power, and would have no difficulty keeping up with larger bikes in all but the most illegal situations. The seat is low to the ground, and the bike is very light, making it a very easy package to handle.

Our bike will be equipped with Ventura rack and 35 litre bag. It has Honda combined braking system and ABS on the powerful triple disk setup. We are looking forward to delivery in November 2010.

Give us a call, or click on the enquiry window, to rent these wonderful new motorcycles.