Customer Survey

1. How did you first become aware of Moto Adventure?

2. How would you rate the information and service provided to you when you first enquired?

3. Please rate (1 being most important to 7 being least important) what you view as the most important to the least important when you hire motorcycles:

4. When hiring from us we work through a checklist with you of bike familiarisation, safety, hire agreement and insurance explanations, clothing options, route suggestions and more.

Please rate your satisfaction with the pre-hire information we provided:

5. Overall, please rate your level of satisfaction with Moto Adventure:

6. What do you think we do well?

7. What do you think we can improve on?

8. Would you (or have you) recommended Moto Adventure to others?

9. Any other feedback you’d like to provide?

10. That’s it! Would you be happy for your comments to be used (without your full name) in any future advertising (i.e. on the web site, in print ads, etc) we might do?

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