Terms & Conditions

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We provide:

  • Late model motorcycle in good roadworthy condition.
  • Motorcycle luggage – panniers or rear bag depending upon the bike selected.
  • Motorcycle is serviced in accordance with manufactures specifications.
  • The use of an previously used helmet, fabric motorcycle jacket and basic leather gloves. Sizing is subject to availability at the time of setting out. We do not guarantee fit or condition of the free riding equipment.
  • Short-term luggage storage.
  • Roadside assistance. (subject to conditions)
  • Basic Safety check is carried out by our staff prior to handover.
  • Tank full of fuel.
  • A full refund if we are unable to provide the ordered motorcycle or an equivalent alternative.
  • MAIB third party injury insurance included in motorcycle registration.
  • Comprehensive insurance for the motorcycle with a standard excess of $4500 reducible to $1500
  • Public liability Insurance.
  • Pickup and drop off is available between 9am to 10am and between 3pm to 5pm 7 days a week.
  • Pickup/Return times between the above times may incur extra charges.

You provide:

  • A valid motorcycle licence for the type of motorcycle being rented and suitable experience (see below).
  • A cancellation fee of 10% of the total rental paid on line or by credit card, bank cheque or bank direct deposit at the time of booking.
  • The cancellation fee is forfeited if you cancel.
  • Cancellation fee triggers confirmation of your booking and forms part of it.
  • Rental balance to be paid at time of pick up for rentals.
  • Credit card imprint or other acceptable deposit of $4500 at the time you pickup the motorcycle.
  • Rentals are based on  24h period, add one day rental for planned later returns.
  • Let us know if you are running late. Fee of $75/h for non negotiated late returns or early pickup.
  • A signed waiver and experience declaration form at the time of picking up the bike.
  • A signed motorcycle condition form will be supplied to you at the time of rental. Please check that that form is accurate and sign it.
  • Overseas licenses are acceptable providing it clearly shows motorcycle status and contains an ID photo.
  • The motorcycle is only to be ridden by the person renting it, or another suitably qualified rider who has signed a waiver form.
  • Please return the motorcycle with a tank full of fuel, we will charge you for the value of fuel and a $10 refuelling fee.
  • 24 hours’ notice for extensions of time to rental. This will always be conditional on availability.
  • No refund of unused rental if the motorcycle is returned early for any reason.


  • For large motorcycles above 800cc a declaration of a minimum of 25 years old and 5 years recent riding experience on a powerful motorcycle.
  • 650cc to 400cc minimum 25 years full licence and 1 year riding experience on a similar size motorcycle.
  • Scooter rental available for riders with a learner licence.
  • We reserve the right to withhold our motorcycle from rental if we do not consider the renter possesses the skills to safely operate it.

Limited Roads

  • The motorcycle is not to taken outside Tasmania unless by specific agreement with Moto Adventure Tasmania
  • No gravel road riding is permitted with the exception of gravel surfaced highways designated ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads. Tinderbox road and Bruny Island Main Road B66 to Adventure Bay turnoff and Adventure Bay Road on Bruny Island are also allowed.
  • The renter will be liable for ALL damage, mechanical and cosmetic, caused to our motorcycle while riding them on prohibited roads as described above, as this will void the limited excess agreement


  • Distance ridden is averaged over the rental period.
  • Large motorcycles, above 400cc – 320km free per day then $0.70 per kilometre.
  • Small motorcycle 200cc to 125cc– 150km free per day then $0.40 per kilometre.

Damage Policy:

  • The bike must be returned with no more damage than when you took charge of it.
  • Normal wear and tear, small chips or worn paintwork are not considered damage.
  • If it is damaged you will be liable for the cost of repairs up to the value of the excess and additionally any recovery costs incurred.
  • In the case of severe damage you agree to cover damage to the value of the insurance excess,that is $4500 or $1500 if reduction option was selected.
  • Motorcycle must always be operated in a legal manner, if our insurance is denied by reason of illegal operation by the renter then the renter will be liable for all damage.
  • Notify Moto Adventure as soon as practicable if a motorcycle is damaged in an accident.  Avoid riding a damaged motorcycle, as this may be dangerous.
  • If a motorcycle is damaged and another supplied to replace it, a new rental agreement and deposit is required.
  • No refund of unused days if motorcycle is damaged beyond immediate repair.
  • Roadside assistance. Pick-up is free if our machine suffers mechanical failure. If the failure is due to your negligence or mistreatment, then you will be liable for pick up charges. Repairs to tyres from damage or punctures are the renter’s responsibility and cost.
  • You should supply your own travel and illness insurance. Some insurance companies will cover you for the insurance excess.
  • Renter is liable for cost of rental GPS if it is damaged or lost up to the replacement value of the unit.

Motorcycling is Dangerous

  • Motorcycling involves its own level of risk. By accepting these conditions you acknowledge this and undertake to absolve Moto Adventure Tasmania, its owners and employees from legal action as a result of any injury or loss you may suffer when participating in any tour or motorcycle hire provided by Moto Adventure Tasmania.